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    Bowl on beautiful alleys against players around the world in one of the best bowling games! Upgrade your balls and unlock new competitive lanes as you master your bowling skills in the quest to be the Bowling King with a strike on every roll! Compete with friends and challenge yourself on special lanes with obstacles! Try a classic 10 pin set up or stand up to extraordinary pin layouts in a revolutionary bowl system that’s easy to learn but difficult to master. Earn promotion in weekly leagues to unlock premium bowling balls. Climb the career ladder in one of the best competitive sport - now in the form of easy bowling app.

    Let's bowl with Bowling Crew!


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    #Dev Blog

    We Go Global!

    🎳 Bowling Crew is now available worldwide on App Store and Google Play. Do you have any friends that love bowling? It’s your chance to get a handful of chips! To get the bonus, invite your friends via Gift Screen. 📲 Download link. The game is available in all regions except Belgium.
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    #Patch Notes Balls Remastered!
    #Patch Notes

    Balls Remastered!

    New version is live in the stores! 🎳 Ball system is revised. Maximum ball level is now 13 for all ball rarities. For a comfortable experience, keep your balls level not less than the number of Alley you play. For example, if you play on Alley 5 (Asian Drift), make sure your balls are leveled up to 5. Check a complete and updated Guide in the Notes section. ❓ Within the scope of work on improving our services the Support system is going through some changes. Due to this, some of you might have received a pop up window with our reply. If you have any questions left, please send us another request and include the detailed information into it.
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    #Guides Balls: A Complete Guide

    Balls: A Complete Guide

    Ball types and rarity There are four types of the balls: Beginner balls. Can not be upgraded. You start with these balls. Power balls are the heaviest. These balls are engineered to knock down a large set of pins. Bounce balls are designed to give you a better chance of completing splits. Precise balls are easier to use and weigh less that power balls. Good for knocking down a small group of pins. Their main advantage is a bigger size. Balls have different quality: Common balls have blue cards. When a new common ball is unlocked, its level is 1. Rare balls have gold cards. When a new rare ball is unlocked, its level is 3. Epic balls have violet cards. When a new epic ball is unlocked, its level is 5. How do I get balls? Every ball starts to drop once you reach a certain Alley. You can check it in the Ball's description (tap on the ball). When you reached a required Alley, you have a chance to get a ball of this Alley cards by: Unlocking Cases that you get for victories; Completing Missions; Getting a Crown Case; Taking a Free Item in the Shop (with a chance); Purchasing in the Shop; Ranking top 15 in your League. When you receive a new ball card, this ball is unlocked. You can get its cards from any Case, including Cases from lower Alleys. Your League adds a permanent bonus to the number of cards you get from Cases. The bonus is shown in the Leagues screen. What different ball stats represent? Improving balls will affect two of their stats: Power - the higher it is, the higher level pin you can knock down. Hook Control - the higher it is, the slower the pointer on a ball controller. There are two parameters that remain constant with upgrading the balls. Guide - the higher it is, the longer the green predict line. Hook - the higher it is, the more intensely a ball can hook. How do I upgrade balls? Balls can be upgraded in the Arsenal. You need chips and ball cards for upgrading. Maximum level is 13 for all balls. If you have enough cards, there will be a green arrow pointing up next to the progress bar on the ball. Tap on the ball, you'll see how many chips are required for the next upgrade. Light gray part is the current value of Power / Guide / Hook / Hook control. Green part is the value after upgrade. Dark gray part shows the value at the ball's max level. Ball comparison and rearrangement When you start a game, six balls in the ball return system are placed in the exact same order as in your Arsenal. Thrown ball goes to the end of the line. To change the ball in your deck in the Arsenal, pick a new ball from your available balls, tap on it, than tap on the slot where you want to place it. You can compare balls in the Arsenal. Tap on the ball, tap Comparison button, add another ball to comparison by tapping on it. What balls are better? Improving your balls is one of the goals in the game. For a comfortable experience, keep your balls level not less than the number of Alley you play. For example, if you play on Alley 5 (Asian Drift), make sure your balls are leveled up to 5.
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    #Patch Notes Steamball Club
    #Patch Notes

    Steamball Club

    Be the first to bowl in a new retro-futuristic club!  Turn the sound on: new music and SFX were added to the game. 
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