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Alien Cup Tournament

Don't miss out on the Alien Cup Tournament!

Check the schedule to make sure you get in!

  • 🥉 Qualifier: November 5th — November 7th.
  • 🥈 Semifinal: November 9th — November 10th.
  • 🥇 Final: November 12th — November 13th.

Featured Entries

#Patch Notes Liberty Celebration!
#Patch Notes

Liberty Celebration!

Bowling Crew just got an update! Alley 15 is here – it's Build'n'Roll! Reach this Alley to unlock 4 new Balls, and if you're still some trophies away from opening this level, you'll get a chance to try it out in the upcoming Tournament and Skill Shot events! The Tournaments got a new bracket – Superstar! You'll get to participate in it if you're on Alley 13 or higher. A new limited-time event – Liberty Shot – is going to start on June 29th! Keep an eye out for more news in the coming days! And as always, new Seasons, Tournaments and Skill Shots are coming. Good luck!
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#Patch Notes Halloween Cup Tournament
#Patch Notes

Halloween Cup Tournament

Join the Halloween Cup Tournament while you still can! Check the Tournament schedule and don't miss a thing: 🥉 Qualifier: October 22nd — October 24th. 🥈 Semifinal: October 26th — October 27th. 🥇 Final: October 29th — October 30th.
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#Patch Notes New Season: Balls, Pins & Robots
#Patch Notes

New Season: Balls, Pins & Robots

Do you hear that clinking and clanking? Sounds like robots are taking over Bowling Crew! Collect tokens of this futuristic season to get an awesome new trail, a robotic avatar and lots of other rewards! And don't forget, that the next Tournament – The Helmet Cup – is starting this Friday, so get your arsenals ready! 
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