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Release 1.32

The new version of Bowling Crew is out now!


The Arsenal got another upgrade! You can now have up to three different Decks of Balls that you can switch between! You get the first one for free when you start playing, the second one unlocks when you reach the Master I League, and the third one you can buy with Gold.


🎁🎁🎁 The Holiday Calendar is now live: claim rewards every day from December 13th to January 2nd. You'll have a week after the event to get the rewards you missed!


🎄🎄🎄 The Ho-Ho-Holidays are here! Get tokens of this new season to get the Crystal trail and a new avatar!


AvaSeason41.png   TrailSeason41.png


❄❄❄ The new Snowy Skill Shot is up! Awesome prizes await you at the end of these tricky 30 stages!


🏆🏆🏆 Get ready for the Gingerbread Cup Tournament, starting this Friday, December 17th! Show everyone your skills!

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#Patch Notes The New Update Is Available!
#Patch Notes

The New Update Is Available!

Here are what's new with this update! ✨ ✔️New! Subscriptions are now in the game. Get Silver or Gold license and receive some great advantages. 🛸 Highly requested Skill Shot is back! On the Strike from Mars Alley this time.  🚀Some changes were also made to Boosters. They are now available not only on weekends but any day in the Shop! And they're not limited in time anymore, only counted by units. If you had boosters activated we'd replaced them on the new ones. Also, everyone would get some to try! 🎁 📐 And one more thing! Some changes have been introduced to balls upgrading. You now need more chips to upgrade balls to level 9 and above.
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#Patch Notes Thanksgiving Day!
#Patch Notes

Thanksgiving Day!

Celebrate Thanksgiving with the Bowling Crew! Find all 🦃 turkeys hidden in the game to get the main prize :) Say "Thanks" to your friends: All gifts received from friends have been turned into gold. Special Offer is already waiting for you in the Shop! We also improved user interface and animations so it could be more friendly for our players
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#Patch Notes October 18th: Release 1.30
#Patch Notes

October 18th: Release 1.30

The newest version of Bowling Crew is here! 🎃🎃🎃 Please welcome the new, much anticipated Alley — Haunted House! Our 13th Alley in the game, fittingly enough, is themed around Halloween! If you haven't reached Alley 13 yet, you'll still be able to experience the Haunted House in the new Skill Shot event and in the upcoming Halloween Cup Tournament, which kicks off on October 22nd. Just don't let the unlucky number 13 scare you away! Speaking of luck...   💀💀💀 We have added 6 new Balls: Crow, Bats, Frankenstein, Mummy, Skull, and Spider! The maximum level for all Balls has also been raised — you can now upgrade your Balls up to Level 14!   👻👻👻 The new Season — Bowl-o-ween — is upon us! Collect season tokens to claim the new Mummy avatar and the Halloween trail, as well as a bunch of other rewards!     🕸🕸🕸 Some elements of the interface, as well as some sound effects, will change to fit the Halloween mood. It's all about the atmosphere! We hope you enjoy this update! See you in Bowling Crew!
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