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What's new:
We heard your feedback and we're taking action!

  • First of all, we provided you with a possibility to take any types of balls you like into your match bag.
  • Secondly, from now on you can play on any 🎳 lane (Series) you want.
  • We've taken another dive into balancing the whole balls/rating system so our game would become more interesting and fair.
  • Is it still not enough? Meet the new lane: ⚔ Knights of the Round Ball on Series 8! Roll your balls and hit a strike in majestic chambers inspired by the legends about King Arthur and his deeds.
  • Balls rarity was revised as well. For example, now you need less cards to upgrade your favorite Rare or Epic ball. Also, previous levels were redesigned to match the new system.
  • For all you 🏅 Challenge of the Day fans we've got some good news: there is no entry fee! Starting from now you can play it free of charge!
  • Do you like to be challenged? Now the classic games in high Series have not only a classic 10-pin bowling line-up, but a variety of it.
  • In the Gift tab you can find some funny ads. Watch it to get valuable goods.
  • We also reconsidered prices in our in-game shop so they would become more affordable:)
  • And last but not least, the hook controller has new visuals making it clearer. The wider the controller, the more intensive this ball can curl.

Featured Entries

#Patch Notes Thanksgiving Day!
#Patch Notes

Thanksgiving Day!

Celebrate Thanksgiving with the Bowling Crew! Find all 🦃 turkeys hidden in the game to get the main prize :) Say "Thanks" to your friends: All gifts received from friends have been turned into gold. Special Offer is already waiting for you in the Shop! We also improved user interface and animations so it could be more friendly for our players
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#Patch Notes


Welcome new Alley 18 – STRIKE SQUAD! And along with it, 6 new balls have rolled into the game! Join our new superhero Alley now🤩
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#Patch Notes Liberty Celebration!
#Patch Notes

Liberty Celebration!

Bowling Crew just got an update! Alley 15 is here – it's Build'n'Roll! Reach this Alley to unlock 4 new Balls, and if you're still some trophies away from opening this level, you'll get a chance to try it out in the upcoming Tournament and Skill Shot events! The Tournaments got a new bracket – Superstar! You'll get to participate in it if you're on Alley 13 or higher. A new limited-time event – Liberty Shot – is going to start on June 29th! Keep an eye out for more news in the coming days! And as always, new Seasons, Tournaments and Skill Shots are coming. Good luck!
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