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We reached 10 000 000 installs!

Bowling Crew have more than 10M installs, thanks to all of you! 🥰

Sharing some interesting stats today! 

Just look how well we're all doing! 536M strikes! Wow!





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#Dev Blog Achievement unlocked!
#Dev Blog

Achievement unlocked!

We've reached another milestone: 15M installs.🎆 This couldn't have happened without you all! Sending lots of love to our dear bowlers! 💓
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#Dev Blog Pin Snatchers Update Video Walkthrough
#Dev Blog

Pin Snatchers Update Video Walkthrough

Hey!  ✨ This Season is devoted to mysterious UFO, and is called 'Pin Snatchers'.👽 In this video, we do a short walkthrough and answer your most common questions about the newly added timer. 🕓  
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