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Happy Thanksgiving!

What time is it? It's Turkey Time! 🦃 New Thanksgiving Season is on!
Let's enjoy a great feast together! 🍗🧆

Here is the news:
️ Leagues are now divided into groups. Upon reaching a certain group, you won't be downgraded lower than the first League in the group.
️ Now you can unlock a reward tier in the season screen even if you are lack tokens.
️ And the whole 3 new balls!

Gather turkeys and take your rewards! 🦃

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#Patch Notes Holiday Season is on!
#Patch Notes

Holiday Season is on!

Bowling Crew wishes you happy holidays! 🌠🎄 Celebrate with us! 🎇 🔔 Participate in the holiday event! Knock down Gold pins and exchange them for unique rewards! 🔔 Six new snow globes are waiting for you. The first transparent balls ever! And one of them is our special gift for you. 💫🎁 🔔 Also, another phase of the Winter Shot mode started! Completely different stages and awesome rewards. 🎉
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#Patch Notes Thanksgiving Day!
#Patch Notes

Thanksgiving Day!

Celebrate Thanksgiving with the Bowling Crew! Find all 🦃 turkeys hidden in the game to get the main prize :) Say "Thanks" to your friends: All gifts received from friends have been turned into gold. Special Offer is already waiting for you in the Shop! We also improved user interface and animations so it could be more friendly for our players
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#Patch Notes Balls Remastered!
#Patch Notes

Balls Remastered!

New version is live in the stores! 🎳 Ball system is revised. Maximum ball level is now 13 for all ball rarities. For a comfortable experience, keep your balls level not less than the number of Alley you play. For example, if you play on Alley 5 (Asian Drift), make sure your balls are leveled up to 5. Check a complete and updated Guide in the Notes section. ❓ Within the scope of work on improving our services the Support system is going through some changes. Due to this, some of you might have received a pop up window with our reply. If you have any questions left, please send us another request and include the detailed information into it.
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