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Round Table Cup

📯 Brave knights! The new Tournament is calling for you!
Win a banner and show everyone your bowling strength! 💪
You can only join the Tournament during the Qualifier Stage. ⚠️ Attention, it will last three days only!
Check the tournament timesheet and don't miss a thing 👇

🥉 Qualifier: April 23rd to April 25th.

🥈 Semifinal: April 27th to April 28th.

🥇 Final: April 30th to May 1st.

Featured Entries

#Patch Notes Lucky Streak Season Is On!
#Patch Notes

Lucky Streak Season Is On!

Look! 🍀🍀🍀 We've found a four-leaf clover, and now it's the 'Lucky Streak' all the way! The new season starts now: pick more clovers and get Leprechaun trail and avatar for more luck. 🧩 🧰 Btw, now skins are not the only possible items you can get from a customization case, it may also contain a random trail or avatar instead.
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#Patch Notes Steampunk Cup Tournament!
#Patch Notes

Steampunk Cup Tournament!

Join Steampunk Cup Tournament! ⚙️ The minimum required Alley was decreased to 4. It's your perfect chance to win an outstanding banner! 💎 Tournaments is a premium feature with exclusive rewards and lots of ball cards. It is designed for experienced players only, so there were balance changes made. However, if you are eager to participate, you can use the advantage of a license subscription or get access to the Tournament with an in-app purchase. Check the tournament timesheet and don't miss a thing 👇 🥉 Qualifier: May 7th to May 9th. 🥈 Semifinal: May 11th to May 12th. 🥇 Final: May 14th to May 15th.
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#Patch Notes Halloween Cup Tournament
#Patch Notes

Halloween Cup Tournament

Join the Halloween Cup Tournament while you still can! Check the Tournament schedule and don't miss a thing: 🥉 Qualifier: October 22nd — October 24th. 🥈 Semifinal: October 26th — October 27th. 🥇 Final: October 29th — October 30th.
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