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Update Announcement: Version 1.26

A new version is going to be released on June, 28.

Main features:

  • The Liberty Ball Season will start on Monday, June 28. Collect Firecrackers and get the Season Pass to unlock unique rewards: The Star and Stripes trail and a courageous avatar.

TrailSeason29.png     AvaSeason29.png

  • Challenge yourself in the Skill Shot event starting on the same day. This time it will take place on Balls of Anarchy Alley. 
  • The next Tournament will start on Friday, July 2. We are going to improve the Banner history menu: you will be able to pick a banner of your choice in your profile. The Tournament schedule will be announced as soon as it starts.
  • New option to get extra cards will be added. Watch a rewarded ad after opening a case to get 10 Common, or 4 Rare, or 1 Epic ball cards.
  • Customization case will be rebalanced: it will include new items, such as trails and avatars. The number of received sprays from a case will be increased. The cost of skins in sprays is going to be reduced. 

Don't forget to update the game in Google Play or App Store once the version is released. 

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#Patch Notes New Season: Balls, Pins & Robots
#Patch Notes

New Season: Balls, Pins & Robots

Do you hear that clinking and clanking? Sounds like robots are taking over Bowling Crew! Collect tokens of this futuristic season to get an awesome new trail, a robotic avatar and lots of other rewards! And don't forget, that the next Tournament – The Helmet Cup – is starting this Friday, so get your arsenals ready! 
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#Patch Notes Skipper's Cup Tournament
#Patch Notes

Skipper's Cup Tournament

Get ready for the Skipper's Cup Tournament! 🥉 Qualifier: November 19th — November 21st. 🥈 Semifinal: November 23rd — November 24th. 🥇 Final: November 26th — November 27th.
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#Patch Notes Lucha Bowling!
#Patch Notes

Lucha Bowling!

💪💪💪 Put on your masks and get ready to rumble: It's Lucha Bowling! Collect this Season's tokens to get an awesome new avatar and a punchy trail! 👽🛸👽 The Starlight Cup is coming! Our new Tournament is going to start this Friday, so make sure to play your Qualifier matches! 🌴🌴🌴 Our next Skill Shot will take you to Golden Sands! Start rolling through 30 tricky levels of this event next Monday!
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