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Jack Rabbit's Cup Tournament


Join the Jack Rabbit's Cup Tournament while the Qualifier lasts.

Check the Tournament schedule and don't miss a thing:

  • 🥉 Qualifier: August 13th — August 15th.
  • 🥈 Semifinal: August 17th — August 18th.
  • 🥇 Final: August 20th — August 21st.


Featured Entries

#Patch Notes Update 1.06: Pharaoh's Strike!
#Patch Notes

Update 1.06: Pharaoh's Strike!

☀️🪐The newest Season 'Pharaoh's Strike' brings Ancient Egypt vibes as it comes! Let's fully plunge into this world! ✨Hurry up to get: 〰️New awesome rewards 〰️Unique seasonal avatar 〰️Colourful stylish trails for your balls ✔️We also made it possible to change your name more than once: you can finally do it by yourself for Gold! ✔️And one more cool thing for those who reached the 'Strike from Mars' Alley: Try your hand in the new 'Challenge of the Day', we know you'll like it!
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#Patch Notes Steampunk Cup Tournament!
#Patch Notes

Steampunk Cup Tournament!

Join Steampunk Cup Tournament! ⚙️ The minimum required Alley was decreased to 4. It's your perfect chance to win an outstanding banner! 💎 Tournaments is a premium feature with exclusive rewards and lots of ball cards. It is designed for experienced players only, so there were balance changes made. However, if you are eager to participate, you can use the advantage of a license subscription or get access to the Tournament with an in-app purchase. Check the tournament timesheet and don't miss a thing 👇 🥉 Qualifier: May 7th to May 9th. 🥈 Semifinal: May 11th to May 12th. 🥇 Final: May 14th to May 15th.
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#Patch Notes Arctic Adventure!
#Patch Notes

Arctic Adventure!

❄❄❄ The new Bowling Crew season is here — join us in our Arctic Adventure! Collect this Season's tokens to get the Scarf trail and the funny-looking Penguin avatar!     🎁🎁🎁 The new, Holiday-themed Skill Shot Event is also live! Go through the 30 fun and challenging levels on our special festive Alley and get awesome rewards!   🐉🏆 Do you hear roars in the distance? No wonder! The Dragon Cup Tournament is just around the corner! Get ready to join the battle this Friday!
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