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Skate Club Season

New Season has started already!

Enjoy skateboarding with us, earn Season tokens, and get a posh avatar and graffiti trail!

AvaSeason34.png  TrailSeason34.png

Get ready for a Kingdom Cup Tournament! The Qualifier stage will start on September, 10

Meanwhile, Skill Shot on the Skipper's Hook is at full swing! Share your progress with us.

skipper's hook1.jpg

Featured Entries

#Patch Notes New Brutal Strike Force Alley!
#Patch Notes

New Brutal Strike Force Alley!

We all have been waiting for this! New 'Strike Force' Alley is out! 🔫🛫 Challenge yourself in the new 'Skill Shot' mode on the 'Strike Force' location and win one of the most exclusive balls - 'Wargamer'. 🎁 🔫 If you hadn't reached 'Strike Force' yet, 'Skill Shot' is an excellent chance to try it.
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#Patch Notes Halloween Cup Tournament
#Patch Notes

Halloween Cup Tournament

Join the Halloween Cup Tournament while you still can! Check the Tournament schedule and don't miss a thing: 🥉 Qualifier: October 22nd — October 24th. 🥈 Semifinal: October 26th — October 27th. 🥇 Final: October 29th — October 30th.
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#Patch Notes Fire Cup Tournament
#Patch Notes

Fire Cup Tournament

Join The Fire Cup Tournament! It's your perfect chance to win an outstanding banner! Check the tournament timesheet and don't miss a thing. Note, that Qualifier Stage will last only 3 days! 🥉 Qualifier: June 18th to June 20th. 🥈 Semifinal: June 22nd to June 23rd. 🥇 Final: June 25th to June 26th.  
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