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Skate Club Season

New Season has started already!

Enjoy skateboarding with us, earn Season tokens, and get a posh avatar and graffiti trail!

AvaSeason34.png  TrailSeason34.png

Get ready for a Kingdom Cup Tournament! The Qualifier stage will start on September, 10

Meanwhile, Skill Shot on the Skipper's Hook is at full swing! Share your progress with us.

skipper's hook1.jpg

Featured Entries

#Patch Notes Update 1.06: Pharaoh's Strike!
#Patch Notes

Update 1.06: Pharaoh's Strike!

☀️🪐The newest Season 'Pharaoh's Strike' brings Ancient Egypt vibes as it comes! Let's fully plunge into this world! ✨Hurry up to get: 〰️New awesome rewards 〰️Unique seasonal avatar 〰️Colourful stylish trails for your balls ✔️We also made it possible to change your name more than once: you can finally do it by yourself for Gold! ✔️And one more cool thing for those who reached the 'Strike from Mars' Alley: Try your hand in the new 'Challenge of the Day', we know you'll like it!
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#Patch Notes Jurassic Strike!
#Patch Notes

Jurassic Strike!

Rrrawar! 🦖 Fear not! It's just a new season started! Are you brave enough to make a JURASSIC Strike? ☄️ This time you need to collect Relics! 🌿🦕 What's new to this season? 🔥 Happy owners of the season pass can now get more rewards than they used to! Gain a nearly unlimited number of rewards till the end of the season: collect Relics and get random extra rewards from the premium line. 🎁🎁🎁 💰 Pay for additional attempts in the Challenge of the Day with chips now! Take your tour to the dinosaur's age!
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