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Industrial Cup Tournament

Join the Industrial Cup Tournament while the Qualifier lasts.

Check the Tournament schedule and don't miss a thing:

  • 🥉 Qualifier: September 24th — September 26th.
  • 🥈 Semifinal: September 28th — September 29th.
  • 🥇 Final: October 1st — October 2nd.

UpdateTournament712 Steam Ball.png

Featured Entries

#Patch Notes Spooky Season!
#Patch Notes

Spooky Season!

Hey, pumpkins!🎃 Spooky time is coming! 🧟🧟🧟 🎩 While you're preparing your costumes, the boo-tiful season is on its way and will last till the Halloween comes (the whole 3 weeks)! 🌌 So, what's new? 🔮Spooky effects are all over the game, Boo! 👻 🖖 Emoji-reactions on the match result screen to express your feelings. 🏐 Now you can dress up your balls, not only yourself: try out new skins! Find them in the Shop cases, they won't disappear as the season ends. ✉️ There are more rewards in this season now, so the price for the season pass has changed accordingly. Happy Halloween, sweeties! 🍬🍬🍬
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#Patch Notes It's Time for a Ride!
#Patch Notes

It's Time for a Ride!

It's time to hit the road! Our new Season, The Motorcycle Club, has arrived! Collect season tokens to get awesome rewards, like the new Chains trail and the new avatar! The Captain's Cup is kicking off this Friday! Make sure to enter this Tournament to compete for great rewards! The new Skill Shot event is going to take you to Fury Lane, and it will start next Monday. Get ready!
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#Patch Notes


Dear players, please welcome to Bowling Crew, Rocky Balboa!🤩🎳  👉 youtu.be/c32XbD6dTGM Join the Italian Stallion himself, Apollo Creed, Ivan Drago and other characters from the beloved films in our newest Season, themed events and offers!🏆
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