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The new update is here!

Bowlers Assemble! The new update is here!

  • Welcome to Season 59 — the Superball Adventures! Collect this season's tokens to get a marvelous avatar and an absolutely epic trail!
  • The new Tournament — The Lantern Cup — is also coming! The Qualifiers will start this Friday, get ready!
  • The new Skill Shot event will take place next Monday in Hell's Balls Lane! 30 artful stages with catchy pin layouts and awesome rewards await to test your strength!
  • Don't forget! As soon as you reach 1'000'000'000 chips, they will be converted to Purple ones. You will be notified with a special pop-up message.

Good luck and have fun!!!

Featured Entries

#Patch Notes Balls Remastered!
#Patch Notes

Balls Remastered!

New version is live in the stores! 🎳 Ball system is revised. Maximum ball level is now 13 for all ball rarities. For a comfortable experience, keep your balls level not less than the number of Alley you play. For example, if you play on Alley 5 (Asian Drift), make sure your balls are leveled up to 5. Check a complete and updated Guide in the Notes section. ❓ Within the scope of work on improving our services the Support system is going through some changes. Due to this, some of you might have received a pop up window with our reply. If you have any questions left, please send us another request and include the detailed information into it.
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#Patch Notes Welcome to the Bowling Kingdom!
#Patch Notes

Welcome to the Bowling Kingdom!

🛡👑 Well met, noble warriors! We eagerly need you to protect our Bowling Kingdom. 🐉 🏰 This is what benefits you can get: 🌠 Trail and Avatar of the Season for the bravest of you! 🌟 True adventure in the new Challenge of the Day with 'Knights of the Round Ball' decorations. Get in if you've reached the 8th Alley and prove yourself. 💎 More ranks in the game now... And it's great because it means even more prizes: two balls and a new trail! Wow! The maximum Rank is 70 now. Let's cross our swords and roll our balls!  ⚔️
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#Patch Notes Kingdom Cup Tournament
#Patch Notes

Kingdom Cup Tournament

Join the Kingdom Cup Tournament while the Qualifier lasts. Check the Tournament schedule and don't miss a thing: 🥉 Qualifier: September 10th — September 12th. 🥈 Semifinal: September 14th — September 15th. 🥇 Final: September 17th — September 18th.
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