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Enjoy Sombrero Party!

Place a sombrero on your head and shake your maracas! Enjoy the new season - Sombrero Party! 🌵🥤

Rewards are so sweet:
🌮Taco Avatar and
🌸💀🎊Fiesta Trail for you

Strikes to everyone 💥

Featured Entries

#Patch Notes Update 1.11: Pin Snatchers!
#Patch Notes

Update 1.11: Pin Snatchers!

😱OMG! Aliens snatched our pins! Need to gather all UFO PICS, now! 👽 What did this update bring to us? 💫Amazing one! Now gold instead of chips and more ball cards will drop from League cases! 💫We've added a new Master ll League to make it more balanced. Top players of Master l will be transferred to Master ll in the next season. 💫And of course, special season Avatar and trail as usual! Let's get all our pins back together! 🙌
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#Patch Notes New Season: Balls, Pins & Robots
#Patch Notes

New Season: Balls, Pins & Robots

Do you hear that clinking and clanking? Sounds like robots are taking over Bowling Crew! Collect tokens of this futuristic season to get an awesome new trail, a robotic avatar and lots of other rewards! And don't forget, that the next Tournament – The Helmet Cup – is starting this Friday, so get your arsenals ready! 
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