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Getting Started Guide

Save your Progress


Сonnect your in-game profile to your Facebook, Google or Apple account. Learn more about ways to save your progress here

Basic principles:
  • First, you need to aim. Drag the ball to move it. Swipe the arrows below the ball to rotate it.
  • Drag the ball back and keep holding it.
  • To bowl the ball in a straight line, swipe forward when the arrow is in the center of the hook controller.
  • A long, fast swipe will launch the ball into the air. A shorter, slower swipe will bowl the ball along the ground.
  • To make the ball curl (hook), swipe it forward when the arrow on the hook controller is to the side. You can hook the ball clockwise or counterclockwise. The further the arrow is to the left or right, the more intensively the ball will hook.
Be cool and good luck! But remember, you only have 20 seconds for each bowl!
Profile, Settings and Support
In your Profile, you can change your avatar, check your stats, and view your Weekly League progress, Rank, and Tournament banners.

From Profile, you can go to Settings, where you can turn the music, sounds, and vibration on and off. You can also find here the Support button, information on data protection, and our Terms of Service.




Chips are required to play matches and upgrade your balls and shirts. You can win chips or buy them.

Gold is a rare resource. You can spend it on valuable items or exchange it for chips. You can get it from Crown Cases, Events, and Free Daily Items (with a chance), or purchase some in our Shop.

Sprays are an in-game currency. You can exchange sprays for new customization items: avatars, skins, or trails. Not all items are available for purchase with sprays. You can earn sprays in several ways. The main source is Customization Cases.


Balls and Shirts


You start with beginner balls, which cannot be upgraded. When you receive a ball card for the first time, that ball is unlocked. All useful information about balls, including how to upgrade them, their types, and stats, is available here.

Shirts are a part of your bowling Gear, and they can make your balls heavier, faster, larger, bouncier, and easier to control. Each Shirt has a charge, which gets depleted when you use it in matches. Learn more about Shirts here.


Trophies and Alleys


Win games to earn trophies. Once you have enough trophies, a new Alley is unlocked. A lot of awesome Alleys are waiting for you! Every Alley has a maximum number of available 🏆 trophies.


Pin Layouts


Once you unlock Alley 3 (Hell's Balls), pin layouts become varied. In addition to a classic 10-pin bowling lineup, a variety of different lineups are added.

Featured Entries

#Guides Bowling Term Glossary

Bowling Term Glossary

DOUBLE: Two consecutive strikes within a single game. FRAME: One of three scoring units constituting a game, each including one or two bowls (two or three in 3rd frame) depending on the number of pins knocked down. (Each game in Bowling Crew consists of 3 frames). GUTTER: One of two trough-shaped structures surrounding a lane to catch errant bowls. HAMBONE: Four consecutive strikes within a single game. LANE: The game's playing surface. OIL: The lubricating conditioner applied to some parts of the lane. The oil zones are marked with blue. OIL PATTERN: The quantitative pattern of distribution of oil on the lane, having a major effect on ball motion. The oil zones are marked with blue. OPEN (FRAME): A frame in which neither a strike nor spare is achieved. PERFECT GAME: FIVE consecutive strikes with a resulting score of 90. POCKET: The area on the pins a bowler aims at to get the best chance of a strike: between pins 1 and 3, or 1 and 2. SPARE: The scoring result for a frame in which the last of the ten pins is/are knocked down on the second bowl of the frame. SPLIT: When two or more pins remain standing with a gap between them, making it very difficult to complete a SPARE. STRIKE: The scoring result for a frame in which all ten pins are knocked down on the first bowl. TURKEY: Three consecutive strikes within a single game.
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#Guides How to contact Support

How to contact Support

In the Lobby, tap your avatar, then press the 'Hamburger' (Menu) button → Support → Start a conversation. In order to help us fully understand the issue, you can attach screenshots or videos if needed. Make sure that the Bowling Crew app has access to files on your device and hit the paperclip button to attach a file. You can also reach our support team via email: support@bowlingcrew.com. Don’t forget to check out our Knowledge Base - we have plenty of useful information here: articles, hot topics and tips to help you enjoy the game and have as much fun as you can!  
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#Guides How to Bowl a Strike / How to Hit a Split

How to Bowl a Strike / How to Hit a Split

Although, many of our players are bowling professionals in real life and can actually teach anyone a lesson on the topic, the Bowling Crew prepared a quick guide on how to bowl a strike. Advice #1. Improve your balls. You can improve your balls in your Arsenal. It requires chips and ball cards, both obtainable from Cases received for your victories. Advice #2. Use the right ball. There are three types of balls: Power balls are used to shoot as many pins as possible. Bounce balls are the best option for splits. Precise balls are best to hit a small group of pins. You can bowl a strike with both Power and Bounce balls. In the beginning of every game balls are placed in the same order as in your Arsenal. The first three balls are available for the throw, the rest are in the line. Thrown ball is placed in the end of the line. You need to work out a strategy to succeed depending on how many balls you have. Advice #3. The key is in the pocket. The key to consistent strikes is to angle the ball into the “pocket”. For a right-handed bowler, the pocket is between the one-pin and three-pin. For a lefty, it’s between the one-pin and two-pin. Rolling a ball directly to the first pin will lead to a split in most cases. Sad but true. It could actually happen 😞 So how to hit a split? First of all, you need a bounce ball. Any one will do. Upgrade your balls, it will make you game more comfortable. There are so many variations of split in the game. To take down the 7-10 split, which is considered to be the hardest one, roll the ball directly at a tangent to the first pin so the pin would bounce and hit the other pin.  
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