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Keeping Score: Bowling Scoring

Hello Bowlers! Let's get you started with a quick guide on scoring in the game.


Scoring Basics

In Bowling Crew, scoring is straightforward and follows traditional bowling rules. The only difference is that a real game of bowling consists of 10 frames, while a Bowling Crew game consists of 3 frames.


Scoring in Each Frame

One point is scored for each pin that is knocked down. However, when all ten pins are knocked down, the scoring works as follows:

  • Strike (X): Knock down all ten pins in one roll. Score 10 plus points from the next two rolls.
  • Spare (/): Knock down all ten pins in two rolls. Score 10 plus points from the next roll.
  • Open Frame: Score the total pins knocked down if not all pins are down.




Remember that the third frame allows up to three rolls. Get an extra roll for a strike or spare.

Every serious player aspires to bowl what is called the Perfect Game. The maximum score for a single frame is 30, so rolling a Perfect Game in Bowling Crew means getting 90 points.

For more detailed info, check the full scoring guide.

Keep bowling and aim for those strikes! 🎳

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#Guides Invite and Play with Friends

Invite and Play with Friends

  Inviting Friends Bowling is more fun with friends! Here's a quick guide to get you and your buddies rolling strikes together. To invite and play with your friends in the game, please go to the Crew tab.     Inviting a Friend (if your friend hasn’t installed the game yet): Open the Crew tab in Bowling Crew. Tap the inviting yellow button that says “Invite”. Share your invite link with your friend. That's it! And one more thing, when your friend installs the game and completes the tutorial, you both get a special gift!   Adding Friends (if your friend has already installed the game):   Connect Bowling Crew to Facebook in the Crew tab. Make sure both you and your friend allow the game access to your Facebook profiles. You and your friend need to be Facebook friends.   For detailed instructions, check this article.   Playing a Friendly match   Visit the Crew tab, then navigate to the Friends section. Tap the inviting yellow Play button next to your friend's name. Remember, you'll need a Friendly Match ticket to invite someone, and your friend must be Online to accept.   Learn more about friendly matches here. Now, you're all set to share the joy of striking pins with your friends in Bowling Crew! 🎳
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#Guides Bowling Term Glossary

Bowling Term Glossary

DOUBLE: Two consecutive strikes within a single game. FRAME: One of three scoring units constituting a game, each including one or two bowls (two or three in 3rd frame) depending on the number of pins knocked down. (Each game in Bowling Crew consists of 3 frames). GUTTER: One of two trough-shaped structures surrounding a lane to catch errant bowls. HAMBONE: Four consecutive strikes within a single game. LANE: The game's playing surface. OIL: The lubricating conditioner applied to some parts of the lane. The oil zones are marked with blue. OIL PATTERN: The quantitative pattern of distribution of oil on the lane, having a major effect on ball motion. The oil zones are marked with blue. OPEN (FRAME): A frame in which neither a strike nor spare is achieved. PERFECT GAME: FIVE consecutive strikes with a resulting score of 90. POCKET: The area on the pins a bowler aims at to get the best chance of a strike: between pins 1 and 3, or 1 and 2. SPARE: The scoring result for a frame in which the last of the ten pins is/are knocked down on the second bowl of the frame. SPLIT: When two or more pins remain standing with a gap between them, making it very difficult to complete a SPARE. STRIKE: The scoring result for a frame in which all ten pins are knocked down on the first bowl. TURKEY: Three consecutive strikes within a single game.
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#Guides How to restore progress

How to restore progress

If you have linked your game to a Facebook, Apple, or Google account there will be no problem in restoring your progress at any time.   Please ensure that your Facebook/Apple/Google account is linked to your Bowling Crew profile and that you have access to it or have already logged in. Launch the Bowling Crew app. Hit the Sign In button. Choose the option you want to proceed with.   If you have accidentally chosen the Play button, don’t worry! You still can restore your progress.   Complete the tutorial. Tap on your Avatar in Lobby and connect your Facebook/Apple/Google account again. You will see the in-game profile that was connected to your Facebook/Apple/Google account. If you see the wrong one, please contact our support. We’ll be happy to help!  
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