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How to unlock new Alleys

To unlock new Alleys, you need to increase your total number of trophies. To check how many trophies you need for the next unlock, tap Play and choose the next Alley by swiping right or by tapping the arrow to the right of your current Alley - you’ll see how many more trophies you need to unlock it.

If winning gives you no trophies, but losing makes your trophies go down, then you've reached the trophy limit for your current Alley. You need to go back to previous Alleys and check which of them can bring you more trophies. 

You can switch between Alleys by swiping left or right on the Alley Select screen or tapping the arrows to the left and right of your Alley. 

To sum up, increasing your total number of trophies unlocks new Alleys, and you can add to this total by winning on any Alley that hasn't reached its trophy limit yet.


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#Guides How to contact Support

How to contact Support

In the Lobby, tap your avatar, then press the 'Hamburger' (Menu) button → Support → Start a conversation. In order to help us fully understand the issue, you can attach screenshots or videos if needed. Make sure that the Bowling Crew app has access to files on your device and hit the paperclip button to attach a file. You can also reach our support team via email: support@bowlingcrew.com. Don’t forget to check out our Knowledge Base - we have plenty of useful information here: articles, hot topics and tips to help you enjoy the game and have as much fun as you can!  
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#Guides How to restore progress

How to restore progress

If you have linked your game to a Facebook, Apple, or Google account there will be no problem in restoring your progress at any time.   Please ensure that your Facebook/Apple/Google account is linked to your Bowling Crew profile and that you have access to it or have already logged in. Launch the Bowling Crew app. Hit the Sign In button. Choose the option you want to proceed with.   If you have accidentally chosen the Play button, don’t worry! You still can restore your progress.   Complete the tutorial. Tap on your Avatar in Lobby and connect your Facebook/Apple/Google account again. You will see the in-game profile that was connected to your Facebook/Apple/Google account. If you see the wrong one, please contact our support. We’ll be happy to help!  
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#Guides Keeping Score: Bowling Scoring

Keeping Score: Bowling Scoring

Hello Bowlers! Let's get you started with a quick guide on scoring in the game.   Scoring Basics In Bowling Crew, scoring is straightforward and follows traditional bowling rules. The only difference is that a real game of bowling consists of 10 frames, while a Bowling Crew game consists of 3 frames.   Scoring in Each Frame One point is scored for each pin that is knocked down. However, when all ten pins are knocked down, the scoring works as follows: Strike (X): Knock down all ten pins in one roll. Score 10 plus points from the next two rolls. Spare (/): Knock down all ten pins in two rolls. Score 10 plus points from the next roll. Open Frame: Score the total pins knocked down if not all pins are down.     Remember that the third frame allows up to three rolls. Get an extra roll for a strike or spare. Every serious player aspires to bowl what is called the Perfect Game. The maximum score for a single frame is 30, so rolling a Perfect Game in Bowling Crew means getting 90 points. For more detailed info, check the full scoring guide. Keep bowling and aim for those strikes! 🎳
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